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Photo source and all credits:

Inspired by… the DO lectures in Wales UK

Ideas change everything.

Photo source and all credits:
Photo source and all credits:

I’ve recently spend a lot of time on and I feel very inspired by it. This happens from time to time so I decided to create a new category on this blog about people, events and things that inspire me. Like TED-talks, but you probably already knew about this one. The idea behind the DO lectures is simple – people, who do things can inspire others, set their own passion on fire if you want to put it that way. Watch their trailer and you’ll get the idea. Btw. I was sold on this when I saw this video and spotted Alastair Humphrey (concept of micro adventures) and Ed Stafford (first man to walk the Amazon on foot)! Two great and inspiring explorers/adventurer worth following.

Do Lectures Trailer from The Do Lectures on Vimeo.

The next event is already this upcoming weekend in Wales. And except for this being too short notice you should know that everyone can apply. Admission is still £995.00 + VAT for the whole camping, canvas and stars experience. Wait. Yes, that’s right – the part I probably’d like best about this is the fact that everyone sleeps outside in tents and it’s all very basic. Except from when it comes to the talks, those are exceptional.This so much reminds me of my times at the scouts, which I can proudly blame for part of my passion for adventure.

So anyhow, even if you wanted to apply, it’s already to late. But the good thing is that there will now very soon be a lot of new footage from the talks uploaded! The next event will then be in September in the US.

Hope you like this as much as I do!


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