Souvenirs from Mauritius

I love unusual souvenirs. For myself, for friends and for the family. Doesn’t matter if it’s swedish lipbalm (the same on the swedish army uses!), dark chocolate m&ms form Canada or Tronkey bars from Italy. For me the best souvenirs are usually eatable. Why buy weird toys, sights that are stuck in snow globes or (the worst!) art printed on umbrellas, if you can actually get something useful. Something that tells a story and that you can share. Like these bits and pieces I brought home with me from Mauritius:

1. Saffron. You can either buy it at a really bad price (4€) at the central market (but be happy if you’ve bargained for it!) or you can buy them at the supermarket for 1€. Not telling where I got mine from but I’m sure already looking forward to smelling it when I add it to a risotto.

2. Cannelle is the beautiful french word for cinnamon. I got this one from the supermark for a few cents and really like the packaging. Doesn’t it look awesome? 

3. Phoenix beer. Yes, there is actually a brewery on Mauritius. They buy hops in Southern Germany, import it and brew it on the island. Locals seem to enjoy it and so did I.

4. Lemons from the central market in Port Louis. The market in Port Louis kinda divides up in three parts: one for fresh fruit and vegetables, one for meat and fish and one for the tourists (clothing, etc.). For the meat and fish halls you should have a stabil stomach and a realistic approach to meat and dead fish. I bought those three lemons at the vegetable market, for 35cent and they small fantastic. What an awesome souvenir!  

5. Sugar. What struck me as most memorable were the blooming sugar cane fields along the road all over Mauritius. They reminded me of corn fields back home in summer and I could have watched the flowers blowing in the wind for hours. Especially at sunset. 

There’s more to come about Mauritius, stay tuned!


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