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I’m Lea Hajner. I work as an independent travel journalist and blogger.


I grew up as a Vienna city girl and have recently moved to the Alps to explore the nature and live closer to the outdoors. Innsbruck is my new home where I write, explore and have found my perfect homebase. Join me as I explore pretty hotels, be prepared for a night in a bivy tent or download one of my free guides.

I love to hike, climb, snowboard and ski. I also fly fish on the rare occasion. I’m into handmade goods, clever design & regional cuisine.

I pretty much like all beautiful things, no matter if it’s places or things.


Sadly, I don’t have enough time to translate my blogposts and I don’t want to source it out. So, sorry everyone – it’s all in German. I however have a few old ones up and I do publish elsewhere in English as well. Recently I got the chance to write about my new hometown Innsbruck for The Guardian Insider Travel Guides (September 2016). Also, check out my articles in the Meininger Move Magazine #02, #03, #04 and #05!

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Lea Hajner is an Austrian travel journalist. Lea got into blogging at an early stage – her first blog went online in 2006. After graduating from the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna with a major in journalism/media management and a round the world trip Lea joined the pack at tripwolf.com, an online and mobile travel guide. In 2013 she founded her own business and has been travelling, writing & taking pictures ever since. She is based in Innsbruck, Tirol.




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Lea Hajner